Meet Chef Anne Haynam

Chef Anne Haynam :: Hiram, OhioLike the wide array of cuisine Anne has mastered, the path she took toward the culinary arts is equally as diverse. Anne grew up with a fabulous cook for a mother and a father who was an amazing athlete. She was her mom’s best little helper in the kitchen and became an accomplished athlete in three sports. It was no surprise when she pursued athletics for a career.

For 15 years she coached college basketball and taught wellness to college students. Anne sums it up: “I made a hobby into a career and thrived on the challenge. Still, I have always loved cooking and the dream of being a chef has been realized. I get to use my creativity in a different way now by ‘coaching’ in culinary classes, interactive cooking parties and in team-building events.”

Anne did her formal training at the Western Reserve School of Cooking. She has professional experience as a pastry chef/baker at the Great Lakes Baking Company and catering experience with the North End Wine Bar. Additionally, she is a certified safe food handling professional.

Besides her work as a personal chef for families, Anne does an array of things in the culinary world. She is a regular guest chef at Auburn Twin Oaks winery for featured wine and food dinners, teaches privately and at both the Western Reserve School of Cooking and at The Cucina at Gervasi Vineyard, as well as an array of other specialized food events such as interactive cooking parties, culinary team building and tasting menu dinner parties.

Anne has a passion for international travel and the culinary traditions that allow food to be a vehicle for exploring the world. This is reflected in the creative flavor profiles she weaves into her menus and how she combines them with seasonally fresh ingredients. Her food tells a “story.”

This Fall Anne is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Hiram College and currently teaching “The Art of Making Dough” where students will explore entreprenership as they start a campus bakery. Follow their progress and Anne’s other adventures on her blog!